Winter 2019

Homelessness Prevention is a huge part of our work.
If you are worried about someone on the streets this winter, or if you feel someone may be at risk of losing their home or tenancy here are three things you can do

Contact the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on 03448920908

Contact Local Housing Support Agencies

Remember Be Kind, Say Hello, Buy a Hot Drink

  • Connect 2019

    Connect 2019

    As part of our Connect 2019 project we are trying to increase the public's knowledge of homelessness and the reasons behind it.
    We want to focus on getting clear information out on all the support services, preventative and otherwise that are available.
    No one on the streets this winter!!
    This project is funded by the NIHE Homelessness Prevention Fund

  • Street Scene

    Our Services

    Here are all our Services on one page

    Remember if we can't help you we will point you in the direction of someone who can.

    This is available as a poster please contact Head Office if you would like a copy for your staff area, office, or business