Floating Support Services

Specialist one-to-one support helping people with all their housing needs.

  • For Families & Vulnerable People

    Our team works all over the Western Trust Area with families and vulnerable adults, helping with all manner of issues relating to housing.

    Referral Forms can be downloaded below, and emailed to yvonnedoherty@first-housing.com (northwest region) or mariathompson@first-housing.com (Enniskillen)
    They can also be requested by telephone or email, details found in the Contacts section below

    I am really happy with the support and help throughout my hard time

  • Youth Accommodation Support Project - YASP

    One-to-one support tailored to the needs of the individual.

    Big thanks to my support workers - without them I really don’t know where I’d be

  • For those aged 55+ years

    First Housing Aid & Support Services, in partnership with NIHE and Supporting People, offers a Floating Support Service aimed at supporting older people 55+ who are homeless, transitioning from temporary accommodation to permanent accommodation, and helps people already living in their own accommodation who are experiencing difficulties sustaining/ maintaining that home.

    I am accepting who I am – Healthwise, Mental health wise, accept my drinking and dealing with it, got counselling, got into a home I never thought I would get and I love it, I cannot thank the service enough for all it has done for me.

  • Resettlement Mental Health

    Independent Living - Supported Housing for Mental Health

    FHASS is a very good organisation, I feel unjudged