Floating Support Services

Resettlement Mental Health

Independent Living - Supported Housing for Mental Health

What we do

Our resettlement supported housing services offers accommodation and support to individuals with enduring mental health difficulties to ensure they are given the opportunity to live a full and independent life within their community. 

What does the service offer?

Resettlement support will  commence when a referral has been made.  A tailored support package will be provided in response to an assessment carried out by a Resettlement Officer, with the participation of the individual and other relevant agencies.  Needs can be identified and support and assistance will be offered  to enable individuals to sustain their tenancies

· Practical living skills i.e. cooking budgeting

· Social skills

· Life skills

· Personal needs i.e. self esteem/confidence

· Physical / Mental Health

· Leisure

· Employment/Education/Training

· Links to more specialised services, if required

· Liaise with other professionals on behalf of the individual.



FHASS is a very good organisation, I feel unjudged

We feel safe living in the community and know how to access the system as and when required

We trust our support worker and know she works in our best interests

One fantastic aspect of the service is support is delivered by people we know and trust