Floating Support Services

For those aged 55+ years

First Housing Aid & Support Services, in partnership with NIHE and Supporting People, offers a Floating Support Service aimed at supporting older people 55+ who are homeless, transitioning from temporary accommodation to permanent accommodation, and helps people already living in their own accommodation who are experiencing difficulties sustaining/ maintaining that home.

The 55+ Service aims:

• To enable and empower older people 55+ to maintain/sustain their homes

• To support older people 55+ who have or are experiencing the trauma of homelessness

• To support older people 55+ with mental health issues, alcohol/drug misuse and other difficulties which can lead to the breakdown of their home situation

• To encourage and promote independent living within a community setting

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I am accepting who I am – Healthwise, Mental health wise, accept my drinking and dealing with it, got counselling, got into a home I never thought I would get and I love it, I cannot thank the service enough for all it has done for me.

It gave me heart to go on and I know that I have help when I needed it.

I’ve now got a new bungalow so Im not having to go up and downstairs or sleeping on the sofa when I wasn’t able to go upstairs. It’s made a big difference. There’s been a number of offers I’ve had but the service has made sure I got the accommodation that I needed in an area I needed. It has made me feel less stressed about things which has been a really big help